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Foresna Orientation

Since 1992, Foresna-Zurgaia has provided its members with consulting services for any technical area they may require. The main lines of technical consulting we offer or members are the following:

Subsidy Campaigns

Foresna-Zurgaia holds informative talks and distributes detailed information about these campaigns. And they provide complete assistance for all interested members in handling subsidies, from the initial application to the end of the process when subsidies are awarded.

Technical Management Plans

The Association draws up technical management plans, following the standards set by the main forest certification systems. This document allows us to: Obtain tax advantages, Orderly planning of our mountains, etc.

Manage sales of lumber

Firstly, we assess the value of lumber lots to put them on sale. To do this we calculate the volume of wood trunk by trunk and classify the lumber by quality and usage Then, alongside the owner

Legal Advice

Foresna-Zurgaia’s lawyer provides legal services and is endorsed by vast experience in diverse forestry issues, such as property litigation, owner or manager associations, public water usage rights, administrative sanctions, forest taxation and more.

Accounting Advice

Any doubts that may arise regarding forest economics can be resolved though our tax consultant who specialises in forestry issues.

Forest materials and plants

Every year, we visit greenhouses in Navarre and the surrounding provinces to inform the owners about the characteristics and prices of forest plants in demand.. Likewise, we advise members about purchasing materials like protective tubes, netting, pickets, stakes, etc.

Field Work

Due to the importance of high quality silviculture when doing some jobs, the Foresna technicians provide consulting about pruning leaf formations and marking clearings and selecting the trees to save, and other things.

Estate Appraisals

Another job the Association does is carry out appraisals of forested areas and/or land, estimating the economic market value of the properties for the purposes of patrimony transmission, sales, seeking indemnisation for damages or other reasons.


Foresna technicians can answer any forestry or environmental questions by email, telephone or in our office.