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Training Foresna

In this section, we intend to acquaint forest owners with all the knowledge that might be of interest to them for carrying out sustainable forest management where protection and production can be in balance.

The training will be done through:

Courses: The courses are mostly focused on using forestry tools and preventing risks associated with using this machinery in the mountains. And teaching people how certain forestry tasks should be done, including pruning, thinning and more.

Talks: The talks are about current forestry topics that members may find interesting due to their importance or relevance, such as Forestry Associations,

forest taxation, illnesses and pest control or choosing species for reforestation.

Workshops: The workshops usually cover very specific and narrow topics of significant relevance to the industry. They may cover lumber markets, using biomass as renewable energy, the use of wood in building or other topics that may be of interest. Experts and technicians from other areas always participate in the workshops to foster sharing experiences.

Excursions: Travelling is necessary to see other forest owners and become acquainted with their circumstances, see other species and to see how things are done in other regions. It’s also important to attend fairs where recent technological advancements can be seen.